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Group of technology companies located in the Canary Islands (Spain), established since 1989. We are focused on the development and integration of systems based on Information and Communications Technology (ICT).


Our mission is to provide to customers value-added solutions to improve and optimize the performance of their business structures, through technological innovation in communications. The main sectors ICTs related to our goal are:

  • Radio Systems – transmission of voice and data signals over different platforms: PMR, TETRA, RoIP, GPRS, UMTS/3G.

  • Telematic Systems: IT infrastructure, networking devices, application servers, IT security, firewalls, backups, Wimax and Wi-Fi, Hotspots, PBX and telephony VoIP.

  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) as fleet management system based on GPS in web environment (road transport, taxis cabs, logistics, etc.), as well as personnel (police, security guards, fire-fighters, delivery logistics).

  • Communications Control Center: provides solutions for comprehensive multi-agency and multi-function Computer Aided Dispatch, allowing different configurations according to the operational requirements of various services.

  • Electronic Security Systems: CCTV and IP Video networks, Access Control, Security Management, License Plate Recognition (LPR), Intrusion Control, etc.

  • Services

    The service proposals on software are geared towards the latest technological trends, such as cloud computing or Web 2.0 and web-based applications that use collective intelligence to provide interactive Internet services.


    The paradigm offered by cloud computing is that it incorporates software as a service, generating benefits for suppliers that can meet more centralized services to users, who are able to access them enjoying the transparency and immediacy of the system and pay only for use licensing.