English Telygis

TelyGis: Control and Fleet management –Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)


Interactive web application for real-time display on a browser, the mobile resource of a fleet by means of GPS positioning, for managing and remotely controling its work.


This platform responds to a model of cloud-based services, offering a portfolio of customized solutions for users to transparently manage communications and mobile resources through service licensing, not worrying about the underlying technology infrastructure and theirs investment.


  • Web platform for tracking and tracing mobile devices with GPS: (TETRA, GPRS, UMTS).
  • Managing map layers with viewers WMS (Web Map Service) for displaying maps with different views: satellite, terrain …
  • Management mapping tools (GIS) for geographically referenced information.
  • Setting of points of Interest (GPs) and alarms over mobile devices.
  • Send / receive short messages and status data (SDS, SMS).
  • Historic tours, times and routes on the map.
  • Módulos de informes y consultas a Bases de Datos (PostGreSQL).
  • Querying and reporting modules to Database (PostGreSQL).